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  • News from APDG Melbourne – PHIL IVEY event

    The Victorian chapter of the APDG held its first event for 2015 in partnership with the VC – An Evening with Phil Ivey – and what a sensational way to start the year! Well over 100 people attended the APDG/VCA event after a screening of District 9 at Federation Hall (VCA). Phil answered questions about his work as Production…
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  • The Commercial Producers Council – DISCUSSION DOCUMENT

    The Commercial Producers Council has issued the following document so that it may be discussed by crews working in the commercial TV world. The essence of this document is to lengthen the working day from 8 hours to 10 hours and setting new rates. The CPC is using overseas competition and lower budgets as the motivating factors for this proposed new regime. As those…
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  • Designing for the screen and the influence of digital effects – TIM FERRIER

    Designing for the screen is arguably the broadest design discipline. In the process of designing a film or television production a production designer or art director can be responsible for such diverse elements as designing; the exterior of a suburban house or a Middle Earth fortress, the posters, menu and signage of a 19th century…
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