The Australian Production Design Guild was established in 2009 as a non profit organisation committed to:

  • raising the profile of stage and screen design.
  • highlighting the creative contribution made by the mise en scène.
  • drawing attention to professional standards.
  • encouraging young designers and associated professionals in the industry.
  • recognising excellence and outstanding achievements through annual awards.
  • granting APDG accreditation to outstanding Australian designers.

Design professionals in the Australian film, television, theatre, interactive media and event industries have been without a voice for many years. The APDG has redressed this and  is now striving to establish fairer and more productive working relationships in production design and its related industries.

Full members must be Australian or New Zealand residents or citizens who are designers or design affiliated professionals in stage and screen.

Concession membership is designed for: Students, teachers, retired accredited members, retired full members and retired friends of the APDG. (Note: accreditation status remains)

Friend membership. There are no restrictions on who can be a friend of the APDG. This category is designed for directors, cinematographers, producers, suppliers, agents and affiliated professionals. In effect we would like to encourage anybody, anywhere in the world, with an interest in Australian production design to become our friends.