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Today, the Screen Producers of Australia CEO, Matthew Deaner, released a short film – Australian kids need space for their stories by dual International Emmy-award winning Queensland-based production company, Ludo Studio. The film is a contribution to the #savekidstv campaign that is opposing calls from commercial broadcasters to have their children’s content obligations abolished as well as seeking opportunities for children to have their stories told on new services like Netflix.
The film is drawn on the format for Doodles (winner, International Emmy Kids Award 2017) and features drawings by Annabel (aged 9 from Brisbane), Chloe (aged 7 from Brisbane) and Will (aged 11 from Melbourne). It was produced by Meg O’Connell, animated and directed by Benjamin Zaugg and the music composed by Joff Bush.

“This wonderful short film is an excellent example of the creative energy of Australian children and our children’s content industry. If the commercial broadcasters get their way, production companies like Ludo Studio will have a hard time providing Australian children with the quality Australian content they deserve” Mr Deaner said.

The campaign asks people to visit the campaign website and action by writing to their local parliamentarians at

“I call on the government to ensure that Australian children continue to see their stories on Australian screens. Australians who care about saving children’s content can write to their local member through the campaign website-”

Click here to view the video on YouTube

Click here to download a high-res version (1gb)
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