The inaugural APDG Awards were held Wednesday 21st September 2011 in Sydney at NIDA’s Parade Theatres. Renowned film critic and presenter Margaret Pomeranz hosted the evening which was attended by some of the best, most innovative, most exciting designers in the world.

The CAMERON CRESWELL AGENCY APDG award for outstanding contribution to design

Awarded toRoger Ford - Production designer and costume designer for film and television. Roger’s long list of works include Those
 Departed (1987),
 Flirting (1990),
Kid (1993)
, Children 
Revolution (1996),
 Babe (1996),
Cline (1997)
, On
Beach (2000
, Swimming
 Upstream (2003)
, The 
in Placid 
, Rabbit 
Fence (2002),
Witch and 
 Wardrobe (2005).

To view the winning entries go to

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The DOCKLANDS STUDIOS MELBOURNE APDG award for design on a feature film

Winner – Beneath Hill 60 – Clayton Jauncey; production designer.
Highly commended - The Tree - Steven Jones-Evans APDG; production designer.
Highly commended – Daybreakers – George Liddle APDG; production designer.

The ENCORE APDG award for design on a short film

Winner -The Cartographer – Jane Shadbolt; designer/director.
Highly commended – The Missing Key – Jonathan Nix; designer/director, Shane Ingram; 3D designer.
Highly commended – The Telegram Man – David McKay; production designer.

The MATCHBOX PICTURES, APDG award for design on a television drama

Winner – Cloudstreet - Herbert Pinter APDG; production designer.
Highly commended – Hawke - Carrie Kennedy; production designer, Ben Morieson; production designer.
Highly commended - Paper Giants – Jon Rohde; production designer, Scott Bird; art director.

The NEXT PRINTING APDG award for design on a television production

Winner – ABC News 24 – Leigh Tierney; designer, Jon Rohde; art director.
Highly commended - The Late Session, series 1 – Jo Briscoe; production designer.

The RIVERSIDE THEATRES APDG award for design on a theatre production

Winner – The Girl from the Golden West – Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG; set designer.
Highly commended -Doctor Zhivago – Michael Scott-Mitchell; set designer.
Highly commended - Hairspray – Eamon D’arcy; set designer.

The PHOTOPLAY FILMS APDG award for design on an advertisement

Winner – Bankers Trust - Karen Murphy, production designer.
Highly commended – Honda CRV – Aaron Crothers; designer/art director.
Highly commended – Gucci, Guilty - Damien Drew; art director, Michael Turner; set designer.

The HERO FROCK HIRE APDG award for costume design

Winner – La Boheme - Julie Lynch; costume designer.
Highly commended – Lamb Spring fashion – Claude Marcos; costume designer.
Highly commended - L.A. Noire – Wendy Cork; costume designer.

The QANTM APDG award for a visual effect

Winner – The Cartographer - Bill McGuire; VFX artist.
Highly commended - Gucci, Guilty – Damien Drew; art director, Dave Morley; VFX supervisor, Michael Turner; set designer.
Highly commended – Hair Spray – Robbie Klaesi; creative director digital content.

The M.A.C AUSTRALIA APDG award for makeup design

Winner – Sleeping Beauty – Lesley Vanderwalt; make-up and hair design, Bec Taylor; hair dresser
Highly commended – My Place – Bec Taylor; make-up and hair designer

The WACOM APDG award for design on a game

Winner – L.A. Noire – Simon Wood; production designer.

The REVOLVER APDG award for title design

Winner – Paper Giants – Adam Rickwood; concept design and animation.

The WYSIWYG 3D APDG award for drawing

Winner – Beneath Hill 60 – Peter Sheehan; storyboard artist
Highly commended - The Pacific – Annet Mackie; concept illustrator
Highly commended – Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader – Gypsy Taylor; costume illustrator


Photos by Karl & Otto Schwerdtfedger – More photos on the APDG Facebook page


Back Row from Left to Right Owen Patterson, Roger Ford, Leigh Tierney, George Liddle, Margaret Pomeranz, Julie Lynch, Karen Murphy, Sarah Stollman, Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG, Bottom Row Simon Wood, Peter Sheehan, Steven Jones – Evans,Clayton Jauncy, John Rodhie, Jane Shadbolt

Justine Kerrigan, Simon Higgins and Steven Jones-Evans APDG

Owen Paterson

Karen Murphy

Joanna Park and Margaret Pomeranz

Roger Ford

Simon Wood

Simon Wood

Clayton Jauncy and Rod Allan

Sophie Nash and Virginia Mesiti

Margaret Pomeranz