The inagrual MentorAPDG program is currently underway. It matches and connects mentees with potential mentors, provides a flexible structure to set clear goals and inspires interconnectivity between generations of designers.


The relationship between mentee and mentor will be unique and will evolve over the mentorship. It will consist of four indepth meetings over a 12 month period. These meetings will set career goals, provide feedback and discussion of the mentee’s approach to design and provide general career advice. Free-flowing conversation is encouraged at all times along the lines of the following suggested topics:

Feedback on mentee’s body of work to date:

• A review of the mentor’s selected portfolio to establish what is working well/less well.

• Discuss employment opportunities that come up and current work in progress.

Skills (collaborative, technical and managerial):

• Design skills that may need improving, such as – drafting, visual communication, computer, illustration, graphics, time management, budgeting and scheduling.

• Working with contracts, agents, producers, and running a freelance business.

• Collaboration skills such as the director/designer relationship, designer/DOP relationship, working effectively with Production Managers.


• What is “good design”?

• The creative process – how do other designers practice?

• The role of documentation – what are the expectations of companies and directors?

• Responding to new technologies and work methods.


Potential mentees will apply using the application form below. Please indicate your preference for Screen or Live Performance mentoring; although many of the designer’s practices are common to both industry sectors the career paths are quite distinct. Graduates of tertiary training intuitions are encouraged to apply. Two years professional experience is preferred for Live Performance applicants while one year minimum graduate experience working in the industry is required for Screen.


Mentees will be selected on the strength of their application and whether an appropriate mentee/mentor match can be established.

1. Training and skills.

2. Professional experience working as a designer in Stage and/or Screen.

3. High standard of design thinking and realisation of ideas.

4. Career aspirations.


MENTORAPDG co-ordinators will endeavour to make an appropriate match, taking into account mentee and mentor preferences.

Mentors are typically based in Sydney or Melbourne, however mentees in other capital cities or living regionally are encouraged to participate as the mentorship can take place via email, skype and phone as well as some face to face meetings.

Please note that the mentorship is an association between individual practitioners and is not affiliated with stage productions, film projects or employment opportunities.


This is a voluntary, unpaid scheme in a structured format, with guidelines from APDG.

Mentors will be established designers (at least 15 years professional experience).

APDG will provide support and management of the mentor program throughout its one year term.

It is expected you will be prepared to answer questions, offer advice and guidance in the creative and professional steps that your mentee can take to realise their goals.

We invite you to participate in this opportunity to share hardearned knowledge and to experience the fulfilment in helping a younger designer. This is an exchange both ways!


ο  Completed online Application Form (below)

Share your submission materials via DROPBOX to mentorapdg@apdg.org.au:

ο  Resume/CV. (Max. 2MB)

ο  Selected Portfolio: 4-10 pages, PDF (Max. 5MB)

ο  Statement of intent: Why you would like to participate in the MENTORAPDG 2017 and what you would like to gain from the program? (Max. 2MB)


Current full membership of APDG is a prerequisite. Student membership will need to be upgraded to full membership.

Join now or upgrade at www.apdg.org.au/membership


For Mentees:

Complete the online APPLICATION FORM when it becomes available for the next round on this page.

For Mentors:

Potential mentors are invited to email the co-ordinator applicable to your industry.


For Live Performance industry:

Email: mentor.liveperformance@apdg.org.au

Co-ordinator: Tobhiyah Stone Feller

For Screen Industry

Email: mentor.screen@apdg.org.au

Co-ordinator: Diaan Wajon