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The 2017 APDG Award will incorporate some changes in the way the APDG is structured. The redesign comes from a refocusing on the importance of individual designers.

Firstly, FULL membership to the APDG will now only be available to individuals. All businesses will have FRIEND memberships and those businesses that currently have FULL membership will be compensated by way of a years worth of FRIEND membership at no cost.

Secondly,  businesses will now be able to have their business name on trophies by purchasing our new BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTION. Only companies who have a FRIEND membership will be able to purchase this option when a FULL member enters. Full details of this process is set out on the new and revised ENTERING and JUDGING page of the website. Taking this option means two memberships will be needed, one FULL and one FRIEND.

Thirdly, we are introducing a new dual nomination option. This only applies to entries that have purchased a BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTION. It gives an ENTRANT the opportunity to nominate themselves as a DESIGN TEAM leader and have their name on the trophy under the name of the business. As far as the APDG is concerned whenever a BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTION is purchased the trophy is owned by the business named. However the APDG would love to see all ENTRANTs and all DESIGN TEAM members on stage to accept awards.

Lastly, there is a new fee structure for the 2017 Awards.

  • FULL members pay $50 per category (Waived if a BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTION is purchased).
  • FRIEND members pay $200 per category to purchase the BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTION.
  • CONCESSION members may enter the Student Screen Design or Emerging Designer for Live Performance categories for FREE.

Note: CAPITALISED TERMS are defined in our glossary of terms – part of the ENTERING AND JUDGING page of the APDG website.


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